Harmonizing is a beautiful, gentle journey towards self awareness, self realisation and self actualisation. Outlined below is a summary of the 5 steps.  


Discover the blueprint of your true nature.

In the same way a seed contains the full potential of a fully blossomed fragrant flower, each human is born with a unique blueprint, natural qualities, talents and abilities which will make life feel deeply satisfying and joyful.   

Awaken is designed to guide us into a profound connection with our unique and essential nature. It asks us to question our self perception and the mind story of who we believe we are.

Awaken guides us to release old beliefs which block us from manifesting our full creative expression and natural potential.  It reconnects us with our intuitive voice. It melts what has become blocked and numb and guides us gently towards our true feelings.

Awaken boosts our confidence, gives us clarity about what we do and don’t want in life Awaken wakes us up to the strength of our personal power and the tenderness of our truth and vulnerability. Awaken is the journey back to YOU and is the key to your future happiness.


Cultivate thoughts & behaviour to thrive

In the same way we cultivate soil to ensure a plant will thrive. Prepare guides us to cultivate an environment where we will grow, thrive and blossom into our full natural potential.

Prepare calls us to create a nurturing, loving inner dialogue, a home or space which holds us and a supportive network who would like to see us thrive.

Prepare is about cultivating empowering thoughts and behaviours which boost our foundation of self confidence, self belief and self respect. It’s about helping us align our thoughts with the cyclic nature of life itself.  

Prepare is about honouring our true feelings, it’s about letting go our past and it’s about speaking our truth.  It’s about letting go our perfectionist tendencies, setting non- negotiable boundaries and dissolving our fears.  Prepare sets the scene to allow our full creative expression to gently emerge. Prepare is about unblocking what keeps us stuck and helps us create strong foundations for new beginnings.


Increase your energy to attract your heart & soul desires

In the same way a plant needs light, water and nutrients to build its energy to grow, humans are also need energy to cultivate the strength, confidence and attracting power to thrive into our full natural potential.     

Nourish is about creating empowering daily routines to amplify our vibrant energy in order to attract what we desire towards us. It’s about balancing the energy of giving with receiving and the energy of doing with being. It’s about learning to ask for and accept support to make our life journey easier, it’s about being open to receiving love, care and understanding both from ourselves and from others.

Nourish guides us to create routines, rituals and proactive wellbeing strategies which will protect us from stress, depression, anxiety, burnout and overwhelm. It teaches us to slow down and trust in life as we begin to attract opportunities towards us. It shows us how to manage and maintain our high vibration and guides us into nourishing ways of living and being which result in us looking and feeling great.


Open up to receiving Universal guidance

On your natural life Path. Soften fixed life plans 

Letting go is about viewing our life as a full expression of creative energy. It’s about seeing ourselves as unique art forms and not simply the roles we play each day. Letting go guides us to envision life as we would love to live and feel each day, it guides us to trust Source/The Universe to lead us into alignment with our natural life plan.

Letting go is about embracing impermanence and uncertainty as we accept the natural and changing nature of life’s cycles of beginnings and endings.  Letting go is about giving up things which no longer serve us, it’s about softening our resistance to the pain and shame of endings as we open ourselves up to the joy and the mystery of the unknown.

Letting go is about dropping fear, attachment and resistance as we surrender to the guiding pulse of the Universe, it’s about letting go fixed plans and concrete ideals.

Letting go is about living life fully in the now, it’s about becoming consciously and creatively engaged in the unfolding journey of our natural life path.


Step Blossom into your full natural and creative potential

Flow(er) is about living as a fully realised creative expression of your potential through mind, heart and soul alignment. Flow shows us that when our core desired feelings guide our life choices, daily life fills up with joy, contentment and presence.

Flow is about fully accepting yourself and others without judgement, it’s about living in a dynamic state of doing but not doing too much. Flow guides us when to be active and when to rest, always at ease in the knowledge that life is unfolding in perfect timing and Source/The Universe always has our back.

Flow means working collaboratively with others and not trying to do everything on our own, it means finding a balance to ensure you have time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Flow means redefining our idea of success, it urges us to cultivate stillness and free time, heart-centred connections and recognises our creative expression as an essential and necessary ingredient for vital energy and vibrant wellbeing.

Flow is about living a fully wide awake, radiant experience of life. Flow means freedom!      



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