These subtle thoughts and feelings are the keys to our emotional wellbeing and are essential for soul growth.

By giving ourselves what our heart au- thentically needs, our mind, body and soul dynamically move into alignment, our energy increases and a natural state of flow begins to arise within us.
Flow is the state where life feels easy, fun and hugely enjoyable. It’s the op- posite state to wading through treacle and feeling stressed as we try to do everything on our list.
When we refocus our lives to include routine and ritual which honours our true needs; our stress and tension begin to melt and our energy, motivation, vibration and attraction power begin to amplify.
So, how do we create heart based intentions?
It’s simple really, all you do is choose 5 words which would give you the feel- ings you crave each day. The words can be anything from:
calm, peace, fabulous, confident, hap- py, relaxed, motivated, empowered, wondrous, loved, fun, inspired, fulfilled, feminine, sexy, sensual, joyous, bal- anced, beautiful, abundant, creative ….. you get the idea!
Your heart knows the difference be- tween material desires and what is really good for you. Your heart knows what you can give yourself to thrive in the NOW.
Once you chose your 5 very different words: ask yourself how you could weave these 5 words/feelings into each of the different aspects of your life.

  • Daily work
  • Relationships
  • Health

For example, if you would like to feel more loved.; ask yourself how you can act with love, kindness and compassion towards yourself in the areas of work, relationships or health.
Make a list of things you need to start doing and a list of things you would like to stop doing to reach these feelings.
Once you have created a list for each of your words, think of ways you can begin to integrate these intentions into your life with immediate effect. You may wish to create a vision board with your 5 words to help anchor your intentions.
After three months of living in alignment with your heart based intentions, you will definitely feel the difference and by regularly reviewing your intentions, you will move closer and closer to your natural life design.


The journey to your heart’s desire is one where you will learn so much about yourself and your place in the world.


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