Mental Health has become a massive issue in our society today.

Train as a Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coach and YOU could become part of the solution.

Become a Harmonizing Wellbeing Coach: FREE Webinar

Suitable for: Coaches, Therapists or Holistic professionals interested in expanding their practice by adding Emotional Wellbeing Coaching to their skillset

Next date: Our upcoming courses are currently full. Next webinar will be March 2021.

Cost: FREE

Become a Harmonizing Wellbeing Coach: Online Taster Session

Suitable for: Coaches, Therapists or Holistic professionals interested in expanding their practice by adding Emotional Wellbeing Coaching to their skillset

Next date: March 2021

Join us at the forefront of a powerful new career. We train coaches, therapists and holistic therapists in the Harmonizing Alignment Process, a dynamic and interactive life transformational process which bridges the gap between the models of coaching and counselling.

This interactive, lively session will allow you to sample the material, learn more about the concepts involved and experience the benefits of the process for yourself.

Harmonizing Coaches support clients through an empowering life re-alignment process, systematically strengthening them mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually by facilitating their journey to deeper self-compassion, self-trust and resilience.

These sessions are run in association with The Coaching Academy.
Book through their website at the link below:

The Harmonizing Wellbeing Self-Development Virtual Retreat

One-of-a-kind intimate, nourishing and life transformational experience for Coaches who are ready to supercharge their lives and businesses to the next level.

3-day Programme of Online Workshops

Experience the full life-transformation process through our online sessions, packed with reflective self-awareness exercises to awaken your true self, enhance your relationships, increase your energy and open you up to a fresh, new, balanced, sustainable way of living.

Deep down, you probably know what is needed to make the changes you crave. Yet self-sabotaging thinking patterns and limiting habits may have depleted your confidence, resilience and energy, blocking you from the joy and ease of living and thriving. The Harmonizing 10-step process will strengthen and prepare you to make those essential life changes you need.



• Nourishing goody box & all workshop resources • Routines & rituals for training days • Art Therapy sessions • Meditations • Gratitude Journalling • Free writing sessions• Early morning yoga • Facebook group connections • Poetry • Collaging • DVD night


  • You will leave with increased confidence, and clarity on your true self and your future desires.
  • You will leave more courageous and resilient, able to set healthy boundaries and able identify and express your true needs to speak up for yourself.
  • You will learn how to deeply care for yourself, and how to tune into and manage your inner rhythms. This will completely revitalise your energy levels, increase your productivity and dramatically improve your quality of life.
  •  You will leave empowered to follow your heart’s deepest desires, and learn how to live free from fear, expectations and limiting attachments.
  • You will learn how to mindfully create a new design for your life that will support you to express your full potential whilst balancing life, work and time for yourself.

Jan 29th-31st 2021 –  £2098 +VAT

To enquire about booking, contact Dawn directly at


The Harmonizing Wellbeing Coaching Certificate Online

Coach Training Programme for Coaches who are ready to step up to the next level in the growing field of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

This course includes The Harmonizing Wellbeing Self-development Virtual Retreat detailed above, allowing you to experience the full process on a personal level before becoming certified.

Outcomes & Benefits:

• Intimate small group training
• 3 full days of life transformational training virtual sessions
• 2 days of online Coach training & assessments

  • A qualification in Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coaching
  • Knowledge of how to grow your income stream by tapping into the rapidly expanding wellbeing market
  • Training in how you can support clients suffering from stress, low confidence and energetic burnout
  • Full range of resources, tools and support to integrate this new income stream into your business with ease
  • You will leave fully equipped to run 1:1 sessions or weekend retreats within ten weeks of leaving the Academy


28th & 29th Feb 2021 – dates TBA | £3497 +VAT

(price includes the 3-day Self-Development Retreat in addition to the Coaching Certificate)

To enquire about booking, contact Dawn directly at

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