The Wellbeing Club for Women 

Personal Growth Programme

The Wellbeing Club is a free programme, open to women who are on benefits, homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

This term is currently full.


Join Dawn in this free 10-week programme for vulnerable women, designed to change the way you feel and to turn your life around.

This club is for you if:

  • Your confidence and self-esteem are low
  • You feel out of control with your life
  • You feel anxious and overwhelmed
  • You are frightened about your future
  • You are feeling insecure
  • You are sad about how your life has turned out
  • You are worried about how others see you
  • You can’t cope with your life and feel stuck

If you would like to enquire about joining us, please contact Kerry on 07496 150 458 or at


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