Harmonizing Wellbeing Coaching Retreats for Women

Our Harmonizing Wellbeing Retreats are guaranteed to improve the health, wellbeing, energy and performance of your employees. Taking time out from work and home life is a wonderful way for female leaders and professionals to restore balance for their next level of professional growth. Our training is highly interactive, fun and engaging whilst also being informative and educational.

 The return on investment of workplace mental health interventions is overwhelmingly positive, with an average R.O.I of 4.2:1

Mental Health and Employers: The Case for Investment – Deloitte, October 2017

In a world where many of us feel the pressure to have, be and do more there is an assumption that we have an unlimited well of resources. The Harmonizing Alignment Wellbeing Coaching Process guides us back into alignment with the body’s natural rhythm, awakening us to the reality of our true capacity. From this place we recalibrate and re-design new sustainable ways to grow, work, live and thrive.

Our dynamic life transformational process guides delegates to:

* Restore energy levels

* Improve relationships

* Relax the nervous system

* Activate self-compassion

* Amplify resilience

* Improve performance

*Restore confidence

* Refocus direction

* Improve mood

Who should attend this retreat?

This retreat is for you if:

* You regularly run out of energy at the end of a day

* You are struggling to juggle work and home life

* You feel you are constantly prioritising other people’s needs

* You feel you have lost yourself amidst your daily responsibilities

* You feel you are not working to your full potential

* You feel overwhelmed and crave time out 

“My professional productivity has gone through the roof

– this training has been life changing”

Jo Pepper, Social Value Development Manager

What are the outcomes of this retreat?

This enlightening and empowering self-reconnection wellbeing process guides you to focus deeply on meeting your own needs to restore balance in your work and home life.

By the end of the three days you will:

  • Experience increased feelings of self-compassion which will help you to prioritise your own health and wellbeing needs
  • Experience increased feelings of relaxation which will activate your natural flow of energy and increase your productivity
  • Experience increased feelings of resilience which will empower you to stand up for what you believe in, for yourself and others
  • Experience increased feelings of self-belief which will remind you of who you are and what is important to you
  • Experience increased feelings of self-trust which will encourage you to follow your instincts to confidently take action
  • Experience increased feelings of clarity which will create the space for creative thinking


Harmonizing is a ground breaking emotional wellbeing process which sits between the models of coaching and counselling. This life transformational wellbeing process strengthens and prepares you to make the essential life changes you need to live in harmony with your true potential and natural flow of energy and vitality.


How does the process work?


We invite a small group of delegates to step into a deeply nourishing environment for a 3 day life realignment immersion. On the programme you are gently guided through a structured life transformational, personal development process to recalibrate your energy, rekindle your passion and activate your zest for life.

Similar to a car-servicing process, the Harmonizing Alignment process guides you to systematically review different aspects of your life to strengthening your foundation of self-belief, energy and resilience. By aligning your life choices with your core values and authentic desires you can reboot and power up your human system – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  


“Energy, motivation, self-belief and resilience are the foundation 

to sustainable growth and success”

Dawn Breslin, Founder Harmonizing


Dawn Breslin

Dawn Breslin, Founder of Harmonizing, is a leading light in the field of Coaching and personal transformation. Through her work as a Bestselling Hay House Author, Inspirational speaker, GMTV Expert and leading International Life Coach, Dawn has inspired thousands of individuals to heal, re-energise and transform their lives.

“Dawn’s intuitive compassion, innovative methods and exceptional 

leadership is second to none – best personal development course I’ve ever done” 

Sue Palmer-Conn, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology


What people say about the programme:


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Your Investment   

The Harmonizing Wellbeing 3 day transformational programme for women includes all accommodation, meals, premium course materials and access to the Spa facilities. 


Total per person is £4200.    


If you would like to speak to one of our team to learn more, or to enquire about making a booking, please call us on 0131 669 4473, or email us at dawn@dawnbreslin.com 

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