Dawn Breslin is a Best Selling Hay House Author, Leading Coach & TV Presenter. She is the Founder of The Harmonizing Academy, a Heart – Centred, Transformational Coach Training Company which is committed to leading individuals into confident, vibrant, energetic and purposeful lives.


Love is the foundation of life. Every time we embrace or step into heart-centered living, we are allowing love to be the guiding force for all that we think, say and do. The more we learn and experience this heart-centred way of being, the more we distance ourselves from fear-based paradigms. In turn our hearts can be healed, we heal ourselves and heal our planet.

Below is a list of the essential qualities of a Heart-Centred Coach. At The Harmonizing Life Coaching Academy we will teach you to amplify and embody these life enhancing qualities. Become a life coach today

1. A deep sense of purpose drives your desire to help others.

Every one of us is working towards something – whether we are trying to better our careers, our personalities or bettering ourselves at a hobby.

Like many Heart centred coaches, my sense of purpose comes from somewhere deep within me, it feels like I must help others and if I don’t I Feel like something is missing from my life, do you ever feel this way?

When we don’t listen to our higher calling we can often lose our way, becoming demotivated or even depressed. Heart-Centered Coaches are stimulated by their passion and excitement to serve others, this gives our lives meaning, it motivates us to succeed and helps us contribute our natural gifts to the Whole of Humanity

At The Harmonizing Academy we will help you to connect more deeply with your sense of purpose, this giving your life more meaning, passion and energy. In turn you will learn to awaken passion, purpose, energy & vitality in others. Click here to get started on your journey in becoming a life coach

Take a look at the film below to get a better idea of  The Alignment Process, our Heart Centred Life Coaching System.

2.You understand the importance of helping others to take care of their “whole-self” physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Aligning our mental, emotional and spiritual health is essential if we want to experience joy, vitality and a feeling of success. You have probably heard the saying ‘If we neglect taking care of ourselves, we cannot take care of others’’. This statement is very true as we simply cannot serve from an empty vessel.

Natural Heart – Centred Coaches often give so much of themselves to others.  When they don’t set clear boundaries they can become depleted from being there for everyone who needs them. Could this be you?

At the Harmonizing Academy we guide our Coaches into a place of strength, balance and harmony through mental, emotional and spiritual alignment.

We know that Heart – Centred leaders who take better care of themselves are likely to have more of a positive impact on others and are more likely to understand the importance of helping others take care of their ‘whole self’, which includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

3. Sensitivity is your gift. You feel how others feel.

Sensitivity is often regarded as weak. At the Harmonizing Academy we recognise your sensitivity as a gift. You naturally feel what others feel without asking too many questions.

As natural Heart-Centred leaders, we see ourselves in all of the people or living things we come into contact with, this includes both nature and animals alike. We feel life deeply, sometimes we find it difficult to separate our pain from the pain others are feeling.

Another important element of sensitivity is the ability to be real and authentic. A Heart-Centred leader shows vulnerability when it comes to revealing their true thoughts through ‘realness’. The ability to be real and authentic becomes a valued trait to our clients and opens doors to much deeper Heart-Centred connections.

4.You naturally help people articulate and pursue their dreams.

Have you ever met someone that gives you a boost of ‘life’ when you first come into contact with them? A heart centred leader has the ability to give power to others because when you empower others, you gain power. That act of empowerment is an act of trust. One important element of a valuable leader is that they have the unique ability to make you feel like the best version of yourself because they truly see the greatness in you – they never give up on you because their leadership is based on selfless love and compassion.

Heart centred leaders understand that sharing and giving to others paves the way for more opportunities for both their client and the leader.  It reinforces ideas and opens unexpected doors.

5.You are honest and compassionate.

In world where fake is honoured, it’s easy to fall into the trap of dishonesty. We live in a culture where ‘pleasing others dishonestly’ has become the norm.

Heart – Centred leaders are connected to their uniqueness, they don’t need to fit with others and embody unformulated truth when expressing themselves.  They have the ability to tell the truth in a compassionate manner for their primary aim and focus is further the work, the teaching and the message of love and nothing else

At The Harmonizing Academy, we help you connect deeply with your Uniqueness, we help you build the confidence to be fully yourself and speak your truth. We will guide you to become the very best version of who you are, then you can help others to do exactly the same. Register now to get started on your coaching journey



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