Balance, Beauty, Health and Vitality can be recovered when we tune into the gentle whisperings of our inner world

Our mood can change from day to day: sometimes we feel downhearted, other times we want to jump for joy. Despite this, do you know what you really need? The pace of modern life often conceals our connection with our inner feelings and for many of us it’s only when we feel depleted or reach a health crisis that we stop to review.

Harmonizing is about pro active well being, it’s about looking after your inner and outer world by adopting nourishing self care practices which will ensure you live with radiance, vitality and inner balance; even in the most turbulent times.

Unlike coaching which is future focussed, Harmonizing is designed to restore inner balance by creating a nourishing mindful lifestyle design very much anchored in the present. The results are rapid and far reaching.

The Harmonizing process will guide you to your natural rhythms. Whether you need a confidence boost, an injection of energy or some expert help with making life choices, we have a range of restorative packages which will gently lead you back to energy vitality and balance.

At our core, we all have a rhythmic clock which is always there and can be returned to; its function is to regulate and guide us back to our natural state of inner balance.


When we live in alignment with our inner rhythms we feel vibrant, radiant, balanced and life flows with ease

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however in these times of fast paced living, many of us are living out of alignment with our own rhythms and instead have aligned with the rhythms of our environment, whether it be the people we love, the work we do or the pace of our everyday life.

 The warning signs that you may be living out of balance

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1.You may feel out of step, stuck or off track from the life you could be living

2.You may feel over sensitive, unattractive, insecure, resentful, angry, frustrated

3.You may feel washed out, exhausted, tired or depleted of energy

Balancing your inner rhythms may be easier than you think

The Harmonizing process offers you an opportunity to enjoy the attention and care you deserve to ensure you maintain inner vitality and balance and make the very best of your life each and every day.

We believe that when it comes to knowing what makes you feel good, you know best. The ripple effect of the Harmonizing experience is far reaching, as you begin to feel refreshed, strengthened and energised the people around you will begin to feel the impact too.

Love Dawn x


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