In a culture which glorifies busy, self-care is often viewed as something which is fluffy or self-indulgent.  As a result of not taking time to care for ourselves, 1 in 3 people now suffer from stress, anxiety overwhelm or depletion. We have become disconnected from the warning signals sent from our body which alert us to take a break, relax and top up our reserves.  

In a world where more and more women are dying younger from lifestyle diseases, we are now just beginning to understand the very real dangers of giving out too much and spreading ourselves too thinly.

Without factoring some quality relaxation and self-care time into our schedules, our relationship with ourselves and others risks suffering tremendously.

So why don’t we just stop, relax and replenish our reserves?   

Human beings are governed by habitual behaviour; we are hard wired for habit and find it hard to come out of the vicious circle. In a world where many of us desire to have, be and do more, we have lost connection with the inner impulses which signal our true needs.

Many of us override and neglect our deepest needs as we choose to focus our attention, energy on our achievements. As we push forward, drive and strive for success and desires, our natural balance moves out of alignment with our deepest mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Whilst some see self-care as selfish or inconsiderate – in fact, the opposite is actually true. When take the time to relax, nourish and replenish our mental, physical and spiritual needs, we become happier, more energetic, productive and loving. By filling ourselves up, we are able to pass more joy on to others.

Taking care of ourselves has a multitude of benefits. It amplifies positive feelings, it promotes confidence, stimulates productivity, creativity and Inspired thought.

When we take care of ourselves, our bodies release the hormone oxytocin, commonly referred to as the “love” or “bonding” hormone. Oxytocin releases feelings of happiness and calm throughout the body whilst reducing stress and anxiety. The more we take care of ourselves, the more our bodies relax.

By introducing one or two nourishing lifestyle habits into our daily lives we can begin to quickly break our stress cycles.  

Create a Self-Care Treasure Chest and Give Yourself a Big Dose of What You Truly Need.

Imagine having a drawer or a box filled with inspiring, pretty and precious things which you could indulge in when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Instead of numbing out in front of TV or drinking wine, how would it feel to  spend two or three hours actively balancing and recharging your tired and  depleted system.

This idea may sound like an alien idea to you. I can imagine you may come up with a million reasons why you can’t make the time to take the time. I can’t begin to explain the impact of this simple ritual on my well-being. This luxurious little practice has become my ‘soul rescue remedy’. It instantly boosts my mood and changes the experience of my day or evening.  

I have a box which is full of my precious gifts and treats. I top this box up each time I’m out shopping. I buy the gifts and treats for myself in the same way I would for my daughter, my mother or my best friend. This self-care treasure chest reminds me of how I deserve to be loved, spoiled, nourished and nurtured. I fill my box up with

Hand-picked luxurious chocolates from a local chocolate shop

My favourite personal development books

Small bottles of Laurent Perrier Pink Champagne or Moet

My Oracle Deck

Luxury designer hand creams

Bubble bath bombs & Scented soaps

My gratitude journal

My diary

Love Letters wrapped in red ribbons

Specialty teas

My favourite Poetry book

A photo album with all my favourite photos 

A scrap book with all my best memories

You can add anything which lifts your spirits.

When I need to de-stress I explain to everyone I need some time out. (This is possible once the family begin to understand the value in mum having some time out) I take a long luxurious bath, pop on my favourite pj’s, light some candles, fill up my hot water bottle and jump into bed with my self-care treasure chest by my side. I read, rub in creams, I listen to music or audio books, I may sip a glass of champagne or drink one of my special teas. The NO ENTRY sign is placed on my bedroom door as I take some precious time out ALONE to replenish.  

At The Harmonizing Academy, I am committed to helping women break the habit of overworking & over giving. Through my well-being retreats, coaching programmes and online resources I demonstrate the lasting positive effects of nourishing self-care. I’m passionate about guiding individuals into lifestyle habits which sustain healthy balanced fulfilling lives.

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