Harmonizing is a ground-breaking emotional wellbeing process which sits between the models of coaching and counselling.

This powerful, step-by-step process of self-enquiry and life re-design maximises wellbeing by healing and transforming stress, exhaustion, fear, insecurity, overwhelm and general life stuck-ness.

In a world where we may feel the pressure to have more, be and do more there is an assumption that we have an unlimited well of resources. Harmonizing guides us into alignment with the body’s natural rhythm, revealing our authentic needs and desires whilst awakening us to the reality of our true capacity at this time. From this place we recalibrate and design new, sustainable and vibrant ways to grow, work, live and thrive. The system reboots the human system – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The philosophy and mindset which underpins The Harmonizing Alignment Process has been greatly influenced by observing how nature self-sustains, grows and thrives even through adversity.

We have three levels through which you can connect with our process and experience the dramatic, life-changing results for yourself.

LEVEL ONE: Introduction to Harmonizing

Experience the Process: 1-day workshop

This 1-day workshop offers an interactive insight into our Harmonizing Alignment Process. You will experience the initial steps in the process for yourself, and leave with an in-depth understanding of how you can use the Harmonizing Process to begin to make real change in your life on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.


  • You will leave with a deeper connection with your authentic self, and an increased self-confidence and self-esteem. 
  • You will develop an understanding of your own unique balance of energy and personality traits, developing clarity around your true needs, desires and sense of purpose. 
  • You will activate the deep knowledge needed to create a personally sustainable practice of self-care and emotional wellbeing.


Next Level One date TBC – in the meantime why not check out our Taster Workshops?

These also count as a Level One equivalent if you are interested in progressing to Level Two.

LEVEL TWO: Harmonizing Intensive Personal Growth

The Full Alignment Process: 2-day workshop

Experience the full life-transformation process through 2 days packed with reflective self-awareness exercises to awaken your true self, enhance your relationships, increase your energy and open you up to a fresh, new, balanced, sustainable way of living.

Deep down, you probably know what is needed to make the changes you crave. Yet self-sabotaging thinking patterns and limiting habits may have depleted your confidence, resilience and energy, blocking you from the joy and ease of living and thriving. The Harmonizing 10-step process will strengthen and prepare you to make those essential life changes you need. 




  • You will leave with increased confidence, and clarity on your true self and your future desires.
  • You will leave more courageous and resilient, able to set healthy boundaries and able identify and express your true needs to speak up for yourself.
  • You will learn how to deeply care for yourself, and how to tune into and manage your inner rhythms. This will completely revitalise your energy levels, increase your productivity and dramatically improve your quality of life.
  •  You will leave empowered to follow your heart’s deepest desires, and learn how to live free from fear, expectations and limiting attachments.
  • You will learn how to mindfully create a new design for your life that will support you to express your full potential whilst balancing life, work and time for yourself.



Where? The Secret Haven | 15 Eastfield | Edinburgh | EH15 2PN

When? 25th & 26th January 2020 | 10am-5pm

Cost? £499

LEVEL THREE: Become a Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Academy Training Programme: 3-day retreat

Emotional Wellbeing is an exciting new career at the forefront of proactive healthcare. 

Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem overwhelm and burn out are increasing as many individuals feel the pressure to have, be or do more, causing them to step out of alignment with their true selves. People are yearning to make changes but just can’t imagine how. They need someone who can help navigate their complicated lives.

Could that someone be you?


  • A qualification in Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coaching
  • Knowledge of how to grow your income stream by tapping into the rapidly expanding wellbeing market
  • Training in how you can support clients suffering from stress, low confidence and energetic burnout
  • Full range of resources, tools and support to integrate this new income stream into your business with ease
  • You will leave fully equipped to run 1:1 sessions or weekend retreats within ten weeks of leaving the Academy


Where? Lendrick Lodge | Callander | FK17 8HR

When?  2020 – Dates TBA

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